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Authentic Chinese Street Food

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Maria Diorella - Google Local Guide

We steamed a couple for breakfast this morning (because why not?), and O.M.G. they were AMAZING. There was plenty of soup and it was very flavorful. I'm literally kicking myself for not getting more soup dumplings now. Highly recommended!

Victoria C. - Seattle - Yelp

Are you guys going to continue selling the XLB even after the stay at home order is lifted? Just need to know if I should pack my freezer chest now?

Lynn O. - Bellevue

Lunch today we had pan fried soup dumplings. I ordered frozen soup dumplings from XCJ. They were delicious steamed last night and I thought let's pan fry them like how I make potstickers and well they turned out fantastic! Totally recommend ordering from them! They deliver for free in a pretty large radius. I ordered 200 so 4 bags. Damn good!


If my family keeps eating them at this rate, we'll be anything but xiao.

Kiri S - Seattle

The XLB were amaaazing! We polished it off and will be placing another order soon. :)

Midori K - Bellevue

The first batch has been amazing. We wanted to get a refresh batch in before we ran out and an extra two bags for my in-laws as a gift.

Xandre C. - Seattle

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