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The Full XCJ Experience (includes Dessert!)

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The Full XCJ Experience (includes Dessert!)


All meals included are ready in just 10 minutes and perfect for the whole family as an appetizer, main course, and even comes with a sweet treat for dessert.


The Full XCJ Experience Bundle (good for 15 meals):


🥟 100 Soup Dumplings (Classic Pork, Chicken)
🍢 10 Chinese BBQ Skewers (Chicken Skewers)
🍦 2 Pints of Ice Cream (Jasmine Green Tea, Rose Lychee)
🥫 1 Trio Sauce Set (3 XCJ Signature Crafted Sauces)
🎍 1 Bamboo Steamer (includes two 10-inch tiers)

if you prefer a different product flavor, just message our team after checkout and we'll handle the rest!

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