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XCJ's Full Dumpling Experience

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XCJ's Full Dumpling Experience - Xiao Chi Jie

3 Bags of XCJ Dumplings! Enough for the whole family... or just you 🤫 we won't tell.

Steams up in just 10 minutes and perfect for the whole family as an appetizer, main course, or even a midnight snack! Each bag includes 50 pieces of our soup dumplings and steamer liners.

XCJ's Full Dumplings Experience includes:

All 3 Flavors of Our Soup Dumplings (150 PCs. - 3 Bags)
1 Trio Sauce Set (3 XCJ Signature Crafted Sauces)
1 Bamboo Steamer (includes two 10-inch tiers)

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