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Xiao Chi Jie - Our Story

A trio of industry veterans and a classically trained chef walk into a bar. Just kidding. Four business pros notice that despite its prevalence, Chinese cuisine is woefully underrepresented. They decided to fix that.



Step 1. Go to China


Have you ever had a conversation among friends about why X, Y or Z doesn’t exist and how you guys should totally make that idea happen? Xiao Chi Jie is the child of such a conversation.

First step was moving to China to train with the masters. Boy do they work hard, starting some days at 3AM and ending the days well past 9PM.


Step 2. Return home


From the countless street food vendors to the local haunts that have never seen a foreigner, some of the tastiest food comes from the humblest of origins. We want to bring home some of the magic and craftsmanship of these regional culinary traditions. Our goal is to share the rich depth and diversity of the Chinese cuisine that we have grown up loving but is difficult to find stateside.


Step 3. Make Bao


Chinese food is frequently viewed monolithically; dishes we all know and love but rarely pique curiosity beyond. As ambassadors to your Chinese Street Food experience, we hope to open your mind and palette to new and exciting flavors, textures and aromas; to demonstrate that we’ve all just been scratching the surface and there is so much more exploration to be done. Bon voyage!