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What to Look for in Some of the Best Asian Restaurants in Seattle

best asian restaurants in seattle


Many people in Seattle don't know how to choose an Asian restaurant that is authentic in ingredients and cooking methods, and provides high-quality service. Yet there are many Seattle residents who are always seeking the Asian restaurants that are the best of its kind. 


In fact, some of the most popular food in Seattle is Thai food. Besides Thai, there are so many Asian restaurants featuring food from countries like Vietnam and Singapore that serve their cultural and authentic food.


The next time you have a craving for Asian food, while you are in Seattle, then check out this advice on finding the best Asian restaurants in Seattle.


1. How Credible Are They?

Before going to any restaurant, you want to know that the restaurant itself does have leased space for you to go to. Make sure they have a listing on a site like Yelp or even a page on a social media site like Facebook where you can see their opening and closing hours and get a sense of what their menu is like. 


If they have multiple awards listings, legitimate reviews from happy customers, then that is even better for their credibility.


2. How They Train Their Staff

Especially in a bustling city like Seattle, the staff inside any restaurant needs to know how to treat their customers well and provide consistent high-quality service every day. To that end, they must be able to serve items on the menu both to those who are familiar with the dishes and other people who are experiencing the cuisine for the first time.


3. What Are Their Recipes?

When you go to an Asian restaurant, you want to know that they serve authentic Asian cuisine that honestly represents the country or region they came from. Nothing is worse than going somewhere that claims they serve food from one culture when they are really appropriating a dish from an unrelated one.


For example, when you're looking at places that claim to have the best Chinese dumplings in Seattle, you'll want to learn what types of dumplings they serve. You'll want to check whether the specific dish you're looking at pays respects to traditional Chinese ingredients and cooking methods of classical Chinese dumplings like sheng jian bao or xiao long bao.


4. Are Their Ingredients Fresh?

No one likes going to a restaurant and spending their hard-earned money only to find out that everything they are eating just came out of a frozen plastic container and was cooked in a microwave. It leads customers to not want to come back and also denies them the experience of getting to consume food and drinks important to Asian culture.


No matter if you serve dumplings, sushi, or boba tea, you always want to see that any ingredient that is served to customers is as fresh as possible. Not only does it taste better than frozen food, but it will also give you an authentic culinary experience when it's done the right way.


Where to Look for the Best Seattle Asian Food

If you're looking for a new Asian restaurant to try or you are trying to look for one in a different Seattle area than you are used to, you can try looking at sites like Yelp to see what the reviews for the restaurant are like. You could also try looking at food publication sites like Eater since they often discuss the latest trending restaurant that you may want to look into.


The most important source of information about finding out how to choose an Asian restaurant is by asking your friends and colleagues who have experience with the local Asian food scene. They will be delighted to know that you are looking to broaden your taste palette by exposing yourself to regional Asian food that is not just broadly Chinese, Japanese, or Thai.


Find the Best Asian Restaurants in Seattle

Finding out how to find the best Asian restaurants or how to get Asian food delivered to your home can be challenging if you do not know what to look for. This can be true especially in a large metropolitan city like Seattle. Knowing the secret to discovering the best Asian restaurants in Seattle means putting yourself out there and questioning whether they serve honest representations of a country’s cuisine.


Go out there and try something new!


No matter if you enjoy eating dumplings in a restaurant or at home, we have you covered. Our unmatched high-quality and delicious Chinese dumplings will leave you feeling full and satisfied, as they have been at our restaurant. Come and visit us at our store today or order online at the XCJ Shop if you are not near Seattle.


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