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Soup Dumplings Near Me: Why You Should Consider Your Delivery Options

soup dumplings near me


Once you get a taste for soup dumplings, you won't easily forget it.


That said, it may be difficult to find "soup dumplings near me." Perhaps where you live, you don't have any place that serves soup dumplings. 


That’s where we come in. We offer something different than your local food delivery, where food is prone to messes and may need to be reheated by the time it comes to your door. Soup dumplings are shipped to your door with our thoughtful shipping and delivery service. 


Thanks to our online store, you can buy soup dumplings from anywhere nationwide. Here's how ordering food online and our thoughtful food delivery can help.


Frozen Food Keeps Just Fine

People preserve food by freezing it, which locks in the freshness and quality of the food from the time it was made. 


Something we do at The XCJ is making sure that the frozen soup dumplings that get delivered to your door are of the highest quality and stay that way throughout the shipping process. 


Frozen food is convenient not only for the delivery aspect but also for the fact that you can make the food whenever you want once you've received it.  


How the Food Stays Frozen During Delivery


If you're ordering food online for shipping and delivery as you would with The XCJ's soup dumplings, then you know we keep shipped frozen food fresh by means of freezing.


Thanks to dry ice and a liner of insulation, when you buy soup dumplings from us you are still getting the freshest of the fresh. 


A common misconception of frozen food is that it is not as fresh as freshly prepared food. This statement could not be further from the truth. Frozen food is still fresh. 


For example, at the XCJ we prepare all frozen dumplings only one week before they're shipped out to ensure freshness. We also sell our bamboo steamers so that you can cook your soup dumplings as they're traditionally prepared! 


Ordering Food Online Makes It All Easier

Ordering food online is great because it makes it easier to find the food you're looking for. 


If you're looking for a specific type of ethnic food like soup dumplings, you may not find it in your smaller town. Even when you live in a city, it can be hard to get from one end to the other to get the food you want. 


Ordering food online is convenient because you know the food you want will come straight to your door through shipping. Not every city has a soup dumpling place like The XCJ, but we can deliver anywhere in the U.S.


It's the ease and the convenience for us! 


Order Soup Dumplings as the Real Deal

Maybe you live in an area that does have a selection of soup dumplings to choose from. That said, the XCJ can guarantee authenticity in the way we prepare our soup dumplings if you find yourself in Seattle. 


If you live in an area with less diversity in food options, shipped frozen food may be your only way to find the most authentic soup dumplings or other delicious food for you to eat and enjoy. If this is true, then you need a food place you can count on to keep your food fresh for the duration of the shipping and delivery process. 


Besides that, you may want to order more than just one servings' worth of frozen food. 


Buy Soup Dumplings in Bulk

When you opt for ordering food online and food delivery, you can cut your regular costs in half by ordering in bulk. 


Instead of only purchasing one meal for delivery, why not consider buying your food in bulk and having it shipped to your door? 


When it comes to our soup dumplings, we only ship in bulk. When you buy soup dumplings from the XCJ, you get five meals' worth of soup dumplings. 


It's cheaper to buy in bulk. It's also just more convenient: with frozen food in bulk, you can have that around and use it for quite a while. 


Easier Way to Support Small Businesses

Sometimes, opting for food delivery and shipping is a fantastic way to support small businesses. 


In the world of Door Dash and Grub Hub, small businesses need all the exposure they can get. One great thing you can do for a small business is order directly from them for bulk shipping orders rather than from a larger corporation. 


When you order directly from a small business, your money goes straight to them. With Door Dash and Grub Hub, small businesses do have to pay over a small number of their earnings, even if the meal is instantaneous.


Become a Food Delivery Regular

When you continually support a small business, chances are that the business will remember you and your loyalty. Even when you order food and have it shipped regularly, the restaurant will remember their loyal customers. 


If there is a loyalty program for regular buyers, consider joining! You could unlock discounts and deals on your regular orders. 


In these cases, your experience as a customer will be more personalized and more meaningful. 


Soup Dumplings Near Me; Or Shipped to Me

You may not always find the "soup dumplings near me" when you look online. In that case, consider ordering food online and having it shipped when you buy soup dumplings. 


Not only is it convenient, but you can support small businesses and maybe even buy in bulk. Frozen food can be transported easily and is just as fresh as if it were prepared in the restaurant itself thanks to its preservation. 


Want to give our famous soup dumplings a try? Order a pack of frozen ones from us online! We ship anywhere in the United States, including Alaska. 


Be sure to let us know what you think, and also keep an eye out for our new loyalty program coming soon!


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