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How to Decide on an Asian Food Restaurant When Dining Out

asian food restaurant


Chinese cuisine is the fastest-growing ethnic food in the United States. Other cuisines like Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese also continue to gain popularity! As eateries serving deliciously unique food pop up across the country, you may find yourself faced with the decision of where to dine out on a given night.


If you've recently typed "Asian food restaurants near me" into your Internet search bar, you likely have experienced Asian cuisine. Whether you've had it in the home country of the cuisine or cooked somewhere stateside.


We've gathered some tips on how to select an Asian food restaurant for your dining pleasure. If you're getting hungry, read on for more information to satisfy your cravings.


Cooking Techniques

To learn how to effectively and authentically cook a culture's cuisine, many chefs travel to the country to learn from the masters themselves. Traveling to specific regions of China or Thailand, and tasting the regionally ethnic food at the source helps chefs learn the cooking techniques and classic recipes from street vendors and restaurant owners. However today, many amazing chefs have the ability to learn the skills and techniques to prepare flavorful dishes in their home kitchens as well.


Focus on Restaurants With Regional Specialities 

Restaurants that focus on specific regions or specialties know what they're doing. You wouldn't want to go to a Japanese restaurant and order something that is a Cantonese dish. So keep in mind that you may have a better dining experience at an Asian restaurant that specializes in food from specific regions.


A lot of the time, if a restaurant focuses on a certain dish as their specialty or a specific region, you know they've put in the time and effort to ensure their interpretation of it is flawless. They're not trying to tackle too many dishes at once, sacrificing flavor, tradition, and authenticity along the way. 


What's the Atmosphere Like?

Figuring out how to choose an Asian restaurant can be hard, but the atmosphere is important. You can always do some online research to see if you can find some pictures of the restaurant or read some local customer reviews that might give you a good idea about if that’s somewhere you may decide to go.


Pay attention to where the restaurant is located. If it's in an area of town that has a lot of mainstream franchises, like Outback Steakhouse or Olive Garden, it may not be what you’re looking for. 


Cheap Doesn't Always Mean Better

Many people think that you need to find a cheap, "divey" Asian restaurant to get good food. That's not true. There are many hole-in-the-wall restaurants that serve inexpensive Asian food, but that shouldn't be the rule of thumb when looking for a restaurant. 


Don't equate price with authenticity. Some of the best Asian restaurants price their food fairly, so while it may seem expensive, oftentimes, it's actually high-quality food well-worth its price. 


Search for "Asian Food Restaurants Near Me" No Longer 

If you're looking for the best "Asian food restaurants near me" or somewhere to dine out for some flavorful and memorable Chinese food, using a few tips and tricks will help you find a restaurant you’ll be happy with. It may take some trial and error,  but after some time, you'll find your favorite local haunts to patronize. 


For those in the Seattle area, place a to-go order at our Bellevue location. If you're located in other parts of the United States and want to taste our authentic dumplings, check out our online store!


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