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Different Types of Asian Food Restaurants Near Me

asian food restaurants near me


It's Friday night after a long week of work. You could go to the grocery store and cook an uninspired version of meat, vegetables, and starch. Or you could find delicious food from an Asian food restaurant.


Can you taste the warm, soft dumplings? Or the melt-in-your-mouth pork?


But how do you know the best places in your neighborhood for authentic, high-quality Asian food? Check out the guide below for everything you need to know when choosing the best Asian food restaurants near me. 


How to Find Authentic Asian Food

There is a difference between Asian food and Asian-American food. Over the years, some Asian restaurants in the United States have adapted their menus to appeal to the American palate-- sticky, greasy, and inexpensive dishes. And these restaurants have been successful because American customers love these intense flavors and exotic textures.


But if you're searching for honest representations of traditional cooking methods and ingredients, or cultural authenticity, maybe it's time to rethink how to find Asian food. Check out the list below for tips on how to find the best Asian food near you. 


1. Avoid Chain Restaurants


Some chain restaurants serving Asian food offer high-quality meals at an affordable price. However, if you're seeking an authentic Asian cuisine experience, steer away from chains and search local instead. Luckily, local Seattle Asian cuisine is easy to find!


Look for a local restaurant that serves regional and ethnic specialties. Each Asian cuisine - Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc. all have their own unique food ecosystem that has evolved over thousands of years. 


2. Ask For the "Real" Menu


Did you know that many Asian restaurants have two different menus? One is the English version catering to Americans. The other is usually in the local language of the area of Asia the food is inspired by. If you are lucky enough to be dining with someone that speaks that language, ask for the authentic menu and have that person help you understand and navigate it.


Typically the "real" menu has items that the English version does not. Ask your waiter or waitress for suggestions off the authentic menu if you want to try something new.


3. Spend Good Money on Good Food


There is a misconception that Asian food, particularly Chinese takeout, has to be cheap to be good. And while many Asian restaurants serve affordable food, it doesn't have to cost less to taste better.


Don't be fooled by prices. Look for restaurants that use fresh seafood and locally-sourced vegetables - you'll be glad you did.


4. Eat in Style


Different Asian cultures have unique nuances too. For example, some cultures start their meal with tea and others tend to encourage the use of chopsticks for rice, noodle, and meat dishes.


If you want to appreciate an honest  Asian food experience, these small details make a difference - so give it a try. Depending on the restaurant you may have to request tea or chopsticks, but if done respectfully, the friendly staff will surely oblige.


5. Consult the Experts


If you believe you've found an authentic Asian restaurant, look around and see what other people are ordering. Don't be afraid to ask the staff what their favorite dish is or what the most popular items are on the menu. 


When in doubt, you can always cheat off of the table next to you! You won't get in trouble and you might just have the best meal of your life!


Different Kinds of Asian Food Restaurants Near Me

Wondering how to choose a Seattle Asian restaurant? The good news is that there are plenty of places to get authentic Asian food in your neighborhood! 


Chinese Food


If you are looking for the best dumplings you've ever had, order from The XCJ! We have mouthwatering dumplings and hand-crafted sauces for dipping that will knock your socks off.


If you’re local to the Seattle area and want to experience authentic dumplings, XCJ is a must. Learn more about our unique style and why we are so passionate about serving high-quality, honest representations of Chinese food.


Thai Food


For unforgettable Thai Food, check out Bai Tong. Bai Tong is a small local spot that has been serving genuine Thai food since the 1990s. Check out their Thai curry dishes if you want a burst of flavor and culture.


You can also find great Thai soup options at Kwanjai Thai. They serve some American-style Thai dishes like fried noodles and spring rolls, but they also offer regional cuisine.


Japanese Food 


If you are a fan of Japanese food, you have to try Tsukushinbo. It's a family-owned restaurant specializing in curry, ramen, and tempura. You can also take a trip to Udon for delicious udon noodle dishes and both sweet and savory treats from traditional Japanese cuisine.


And if you're looking for a truly unique experience try Seattle's one and only kaiseki restaurant, Wa'z. This dining journey is a multi-course journey guided by your taste buds.


Indian Food


If you're looking for Indian food in an upscale environment, try Roti. They use daily fresh-ground spices to create some of the best sauces you've ever had. They also feature over 10 types of Indian bread for snacking and dipping.


For a casual lunch or dinner, try the vindaloo at Bengal Tiger. Or if you want to try bottomless Chai tea, try Cedars.


Hungry Yet? 

Does all this delicious food make you hungry? Good! Because it's time to take everything you've learned about Asian food restaurants near me and put it to good use.


Remember to be critical when choosing the Asian restaurant and your meal. Experiencing authentic Asian cuisine means finding fresh ingredients served exactly like they are prepared in Asia. 


And don't forget to check out the XCJ menu online and be on the lookout for our upcoming subscription service!


Levi Armstrong October 25 2021

It’s great that you mentioned that there is a misconception that Asian food, particularly Chinese takeout, has to be cheap to be good while many Asian restaurants serve affordable food, it doesn’t have to cost less to taste better. My friend, Lee, owns a restaurant that will open soon and I want to try it out. I’ll share this with him since running an Asian restaurant in our city isn’t so common. Thanks!

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