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Buy Frozen Soup Dumplings, Recreate Your Favorite Dish at Home

frozen soup dumplings


Wondering how to cook restaurant-quality soup dumplings with a pack of frozen dumplings?


Our frozen soup dumplings are sure to satisfy your love for authentic Chinese street food. Having them frozen doesn't take away from their freshness or quality either. Don't think that you can't enjoy the full flavor of our soup dumplings because you're cooking it at home.


If you're unsure how to prepare them best, then worry no more. Here's how to cook frozen dumplings.


Follow this guide and satiate your craving for authentic Asian food. Learn how to cook our signature dish at home today!


The Best Dumplings to Buy

Dumplings are a versatile dish. Whether you steam, boil, or fry them, a good dumpling delivers an amazing mouth-watering experience. With frozen dumplings ready to heat, you can enjoy this rich dish without going to a restaurant.


If you're in the Seattle area, then you're in luck because Seattle offers some of the best frozen dumplings. However, if you're looking for the most traditional Chinese dumplings cooked with classical techniques from the streets of Shanghai, then get your frozen dumplings at Xiao Chi Jie in Bellevue.


Here at XCJ, we make our dumplings in small batches of 18 bags with only the freshest ingredients. This means the dumplings you'll get are fresh and likely prepared a day or two before receiving them. Our process involves expert hands to prepare your dumplings.


Our recipe roots from Shanghai Pan Fried soup dumplings. This is why our dumplings' filling remains soupy even after frying in hot oil. Learn more about us here.


Are you looking for the best dumplings that are perfect for this recipe? Get them at Xiao Chi Jie.


Should I Boil, Steam, or Fry?

There are plenty of ways to cook frozen dumplings. Besides steaming, you can boil, fry them, or even use a microwave. 


The combination of wrapped dumplings and a savory mouthful of soup requires a gentle approach. The keyword to remember here is "soup." You'll want to keep the integrity of the soup, so your cooking process should emphasize this.


Boiling your frozen soup dumplings can be abrasive and leave it soggy or water-logged. With steaming, you create a high-heat, moisture-rich environment. This helps you cook the dumpling's wrapper and filling in a short time.


This is why we recommend you try the traditional cooking method of steaming. You'll be able to experience the well-balanced flavor of broth, minced pork, and dumpling wrapper. 


The 3 Essential Elements to Steam Perfect Soup Dumplings

You need to remember 3 essential elements to make sure your soup dumplings are perfectly cooked and brimming with flavor.


A Buffer Between the Dumplings and the Steamer


It's a common mistake for people to cook the dumplings right on the steamer. If you don't cook with a buffer like a parchment liner, the dumplings will cook and stick onto the steamer. This is a situation you'll want to avoid as it will tear the dumpling's wrapping once you remove them.


If you don't have any parchment liners, you can use a cabbage leaf (or a similar vegetable). You can also use our food-safe perforated parchment liner.


While you can use a bit of oil to grease the steamer, it can be messy and add unnecessary oiliness. Better to get a good steamer liner.


Preheating the Water


When steaming frozen dumplings, never forget to preheat the steamer. Missing this step will give you disappointing results.


Put in your frozen soup dumplings when the water boils. This will ensure the consistency of your juicy soup dumpling.


Steaming Duration


As for the frozen dumpling soup's cooking duration, it's best to use a timer. Cooking your dumplings for too long will make them expand. If this happens, they might burst and lose all the nice and savory soup.


How to Cook Frozen Dumplings (Step-By-Step)

Now's the fun part! Here are the things you'll need and the exact steps to create restaurant-quality soup dumplings.


Things you will need:

- Steamer (bamboo basket/wok or a steam rack in a lidded pot)

- Steamer liner (parchment sheet, cabbage leaf, or neutral-flavored cooking oil)

- Some chopsticks or tongs

- A soup spoon

- Our frozen dumplings


Once you've gathered your materials, you may now begin cooking. Here's how to cook frozen dumplings.

1. Place your cooking pot or wok with water on the cooking stove and bring to a boil.

2. Ready the steamer basket or steam rack by placing the parchment liner or vegetable leaf. After this, put your frozen dumplings in place with a distance of about 1 inch between each dumpling.

3. Once the water is boiling, set the steamer in place carefully. Steam the dumplings for 10-12minutes.


Now you know how to cook frozen dumplings. Check out our FAQ page under “How Do I Cook My XLB?”, for a nifty guide you can follow every time to get the perfect results.


Final Notes

Remember that there will be plenty of hot steam. Use any appropriate protection to avoid getting burned. You can wait until the steamer is cool enough to handle and serve.


Once the soup dumplings cook, you can serve and eat them straight from the wok. You can also place them on a serving dish if you prefer.


Allow the dumplings to cool for at least a minute before eating. They'll be most delicate right after cooking, so give them rest before handling. This will also save you from burning your mouth.


If you're feeling traditional, use chopsticks to place your dumplings on your spoon. Bite a small hole on the dumpling's side to allow the soup to escape and the steam to vent.


You can also dip it in our hand-crafted sauces. Enjoy!


Get Some Frozen Soup Dumplings Now

Enjoying the rich Asian flavor of soup dumplings has never been this convenient. With our frozen soup dumplings, you can have this Seattle favorite in your home. Follow the instructions on this guide to ensure you have the restaurant-quality flavor you love.


If you don't have some frozen dumplings ready for cooking, order from us now!


Joe Ganem June 17 2021

I’m intrigued and plan to order, but we may need to wait as we are contemplating a move. we currently live in the LA Metro in Long Beach CA. I assume you ship here. We will be moving to the desert, Indio CA. Do you deliver there as well?

How long will the dumplings remain good if put in the freezer on arrival?

Mary June 17 2021

Looking for fish dumplings without meat or pork.

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