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Best Restaurants Bellevue is Known For

best restaurants bellevue


There's something exciting about finding new restaurants where you can bring friends and family. And, in downtown Bellevue, there are plenty of popular restaurants to tickle your tastebuds. 


You can treat yourself to a plate of fresh oysters and salty seafood or you can opt for authentic Chinese street food. No matter what type of cuisine you enjoy, Bellevue, Washington has something for everyone. 


If you're interested in finding the best restaurants Bellevue has to offer, you're in luck. We've put together a quick guide to eating in Bellevue with these mouthwatering restaurants.


Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar

For people who can't get enough seafood, Seastar Restaurant is a great choice. This fine-dining seafood restaurant is a place where your tastebuds will be treated to every type of fish, clam, and mollusk you can imagine. 


Their menu includes a wide range of seafood-based dishes, including specialty soups and salad, seafood entrees, and a raw bar. End your meal with a tasty bottle of wine from their wine list or enjoy one of their delicate desserts. 


Either way, you'll enjoy your meal in a beautiful, luxurious atmosphere. The restaurant is decked out with natural-wood furniture and simple carpeting that makes it feel truly elegant inside. 


Resonate Brewery and Pizzeria

Sometimes you just want to keep things classic. When you're in the mood for a slice of a pizza pie and a cold beer to wash it down, Resonate Brewery and Pizzeria is the place to go. 


This brewery is not only home to delicious pizzas you won't want to miss, but all their beers are crafted by regional and local brewers. You can support your community while enjoying a delicious beverage. 


They're constantly rotating their beers, too, so that you can always count on something new when you visit this spot. Or, if beer isn't your thing, choose one of their non-alcoholic beverages to pair with your pizza. 


Unlike Seastar, this restaurant is much more casual. You'll still find natural wood sprinkled throughout the building, but it's backed by industrial-style accents for a more relaxed feel. 


Xiao Chi Jie Chinese Street Food

If you're wanting iconic Chinese street food, XCJ is the place to go. XCJ is a Chinese restaurant that's home to delicious Chinese entreés that will have you ordering seconds. 


This unique restaurant specializes in Chinese dumplings and Bao buns, getting you a unique Chinese flavor. Plus, they're packed with special sauces that you won't find at any other restaurant. 


XCJ was founded by a group of tight-knit friends who shared a love language for food. They realized that honest representations of Chinese food just weren’t available in the United States. They decided to solve that problem and bring the flavors of China to Bellevue in the form of a delicious street food restaurant.


Today, their meals are so popular that you can order them fresh in-store or you can purchase them online and have them shipped to you! That means that you can buy these frozen dumplings to serve at home and wow your friends and family. 


El Gaucho

Whether you're a meat-lover wanting to sink your teeth into a juicy steak or you're hoping for a romantic date spot, El Gaucho is a place to check out. This high-end restaurant offers some of the tastiest steaks in Bellevue. 


The restaurant features a menu packed with different cuts of steak. You can order each one cooked to perfection, whether you enjoy it rare, medium, or well-done. 


The restaurant's specialty is a dry, 28-day aged steak that simply melts in your mouth. That's a treat for anyone’s tastebuds! 


When stepping foot into El Gaucho, you'll immediately notice the dimly lit atmosphere. Waitstaff in tuxedos will greet you and lead you to your table, which is illuminated by candlelight. All this makes it the perfect atmosphere for a romantic night out. 


The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot might make you think of our nation's history, but when it comes to this restaurant, you should think of fondue! The Melting Pot is a restaurant that's all about dipping your dinner. 


This unique restaurant serves up all sorts of fondues. You can choose from cheesy fondues paired with bread and fresh vegetables. Or, you can opt for delectable broths for cooking up meat. 


You can finish off your meal with one of their unique chocolate fondues. They don't just offer the classic milk chocolate variety, either. They've got choices such as flambeé, caramel, and white chocolate to make your mouth water. 


Plus, the melting pot has a full bar. You can enjoy a tasty cocktail as you dip your dinner into pots of boiling deliciousness. 



If you prefer smaller plates, Castilla might be the best choice for you. This Spanish tapas restaurant gives you the chance to taste many different flavors without filling up too much. 


Castilla is another more upscale spot for dining and lets you try out unique Spanish dishes such as empanadas or stick to classics like roasted Brussel sprouts. You can pair each course with a glass of Spanish wine to make the meal complete. 


The atmosphere at Castilla is rustic chic, with a beautiful stone fireplace running through the middle of it. If you love the vibe, you can rent it out for private parties and enjoy tapas to your heart's content. 


Don't Miss the Best Restaurants Bellevue Has to Offer

There are so many amazing restaurants in Bellevue, which is what makes it a foodie's heaven. However, these are the best restaurants in Bellevue, and you won't want to miss a single one of them. 


If you're ready to start eating your way through this scrumptious list of classic Bellevue restaurants, why not start with Xiao Chi Jie? Give us a call to place an order or swing by our storefront for your fill of authentic Chinese dumplings!


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