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Add Frozen Dumplings to Your Dinner Rotation

frozen dumplings


Today, 98% of Americans prefer to cook at home. Not only is it healthier, but it also saves you money and allows you to indulge in a delicious hobby!


But if you're one of the 83% that cook 3-6 days a week, or even daily, your dinner rotation can get boring pretty quickly. While you might have a nice repertoire of recipes, your range is only so limited and before you know it, you're making repeats that both you and your family members are tired of.


This is where frozen dumplings come in!


Why should you add these to your rotation? Read on to find out!


They're Convenient

We all know how easy it is to grab a pizza from the freezer and throw it into the oven for a quick and simple meal. For many of us, the freezer is a godsend since we can prep meals whenever we want, preserve them in the freezer, then bring them out for days where our schedules overwhelm us.


Frozen dumplings are no exception when it comes to this! Because someone's already done the job for you, all you have to do is take them out of the freezer and prepare them however you wish.


For a very quick and easy dinner, just boil or steam your dumplings for about 10 minutes, then eat them plain or with a small dish of soy sauce. This is so simple that even your children can do it themselves! You won't have to fuss with chopping up a bunch of ingredients or following complicated instructions.


Plus, they make for very tasty snacks, so you don't always have to prep dumplings for lunch or dinner. The next time your kids are complaining their stomachs are growling? Just boil or steam some dumplings and they'll have a yummy snack within 10 minutes!


They Lock in Freshness and Flavor

We'd all like to eat fresh foods all the time, but it's simply not possible, especially when you have a busy schedule. Foods that don't have a quick expiration date are ideal for these situations, but they're not always very delicious or flavorful.


What's great about frozen foods is if done correctly, they'll lock in freshness, quality, and most importantly, the flavors! So when you boil or steam up some dumplings, they'll taste just as good as the moment they were made. 


They're Super Tasty

It's true that there are some companies out there that make so-so dumplings. As a result, when you eat them, you'll have a pretty mediocre experience.


But this certainly doesn't ring true for dumpling creators! For instance, we at XCJ are so dedicated to providing the best Chinese dumplings that we've gone through over 500 trials to bring you our final product. We've carefully created the perfect dough and filling, plus we store the dough in just the right way.


Our high-quality soup dumplings have chicken broth with Chinese rice wine, as well as juicy pork filling with some secret ingredients. They're so delectable you'll want to eat them every day!


There's Lots of Variety

The beauty of dumplings is that while they all feature a dough wrapper, the fillings can be quite creative.


Typically, Chinese dumplings have pork fillings in them. But truth be told, you can use any type of meat filling in dumplings and they'll still be delicious! There are lots of choices, such as shrimp, chicken, chives, mushrooms, and more.


For example, we at XCJ started out with pork dumplings. But we've just released a new chicken dumpling, so try it out now!


They're Very Versatile

We've mentioned earlier that you can just boil or steam the dumplings, and then eat them with some soy sauce.


But what if you get bored of that? No problem!


What's great about dumplings is that while they're very flavorful, they're also simple enough to make them a great addition to several dishes. For example, you can make a clear broth with some noodles and add some frozen dumplings to get some extra flavor and nutrition.


Or you can lean toward more typical Asian meals where you serve different side dishes alongside the dumplings each time to keep things interesting. Rotate through things like pickled Napa cabbage, spicy cool cucumbers, and more.


There are also different dipping sauces you can use. Of course, there's plain soy sauce, or you can mix it with some strips of ginger and rice vinegar. Or you can mix your soy sauce with some chili sauce to give it a kick!


As you can see, there are so many ways to serve up frozen dumplings that you'll never get bored.


Purchase Some Frozen Dumplings Today

After reading about frozen dumplings, you're probably wondering where to get them so you can spice up your dinner rotation. We at the XCJ have got you covered!


We've carefully perfected our recipe to bring you the most scrumptious dumplings around. Also, we make our dumplings fresh every morning and freeze them right away to preserve their freshness and flavor.


All our bags come with 50 dumplings so there's more than enough to share (or gorge yourself on)! All bags come with steamer liners so you don't have to go out and purchase some.


Not only that, but we've also created 3 homemade sauces that are to die for. When you dip our dumplings in these sauces, they'll definitely elevate your experience.


So if you're looking for the best frozen dumplings around, then order from us now. We deliver all across the country!


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