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5 Reasons Why The XCJ Serves the Best Dumplings in Seattle

Chinese dumplings are one of the most comforting foods out there. They tend to generally fall under two different categories: round, purse-shaped ones or ovaled crescent-shaped dumplings.


The possibilities are endless from the various flavors and ingredients that are added to the fillings. Out of all these options, how do you find the best one? 


Picture it - a purse-shaped dumpling made from fairly thick dough, filled with a juicy pork filling. After steaming it, the collagen from the pork trimmings melt. It turns into a rich broth that oozes into your mouth when you bite into it. 


Are you hungry yet? Trying to find the best dumplings in Seattle can be a difficult thing to do with the number of choices out there. 


We're here to tell you why The XCJ serves the best dumplings in Seattle. Don't just take our word for it. Our dumplings have been featured by The Seattle Times and Eater Seattle. 


Read on for five reasons why our dumplings are the best ones in the Emerald City. 


1. Our Authentic Process

best dumplings in seattle


There is no better way to understand and learn a country's cuisine than to move there. So, that is exactly what we did.


In 2017 we moved to Shanghai to learn from the masters themselves. That may sound like a perfect situation, spending all day cooking and eating food. 


Those days were tough. Many days started at 3am prepping ingredients and cooking didn't end until 9pm at night. However, it was well worth the effort.


We got to check out street vendors in city alleys and local haunts in the countryside that the average tourists don't ever see. We wanted nothing more than to bring back these classical recipes and cooking techniques that truly captured the magical craftsmanship that goes into creating these dishes. 


Chinese food in the states is often seen as Westernized versions of authentic dishes that were adjusted to fit the American palate. We wanted to bring the authentic Chinese food flavors and experiences that we grew up on to diners in the Seattle area.


2. Various Dumpling Styles

best dumplings in seattle


While on the outside, dumplings may appear to be a simple pocket of dough with delicious filling, but they are anything but simple. It takes a skilled hand to work the delicate dough into the soft pleats you see on the outside. 


Xiao long bao are Shanghai’s signature soup dumplings, characterized by their juicy pork and savory soup filling. Another famous dumpling is the sheng jian bao, similar to the xiao long bao, but defined by their signature crispy brown bottoms and thicker dough. This is our most famous Chinese street food dish at our restaurant. 


By frying sheng jian bao, they have a crispier and thicker dough. They are larger than the usual dumpling and the dough is thick enough so it doesn't soak up all the delicious broth on the inside. An oversized cast iron skillet can easily fit 60-70 dumplings, so order some for your next gathering or when you're feeling extra hungry at lunch. 


3. Highly Acclaimed by Local Foodies

best dumplings in seattle


Our dumplings have been praised by local publications such as The Seattle Times, Eater Seattle, Seattle Met, Nomtastic Foods, and many more. One of the common points the reviews of our food bring up is how they capture the authentic Chinese street food experience. 


While our menu may only be a few dishes, each dish was carefully studied and replicated after our time in Shanghai. Nomtastic Foods, in their review, talks about how all our dishes are done extremely well because we focus on each dish and don't try to do too many things. We're not here to reinvent the wheel of dumplings. We’re here to bring authentic Chinese food and classical cooking techniques to the states and show people what real Chinese street food tastes like.


In Tan Vinh's article in The Seattle Times, he ate over 1,000 dumplings in order to pick his top 10 favorites in the Seattle area. We were honored to have a place on that list. He talks about how the pork and shrimp dumplings were his favorite and to pair it with our traditional ginger green onion oil sauce. 


4. Our Process

best dumplings in seattle


Our dumplings are made fresh in our Bellevue location bright and early every morning. Once they are made, we freeze, pack, and then deliver them to you the following day. We make them in small batches , ensuring your order of dumplings always arrive fresh. 


We only cook what we sell and use the freshest ingredients available. Each order is handmade and handpicked.


Our dumplings are good for people who have food allergies, as they don't contain eggs, nuts, or dairy. However, it does contain soy products. 


The dumplings are easy to cook as well. All you need is a steamer basket, a liner, tongs, and a soup spoon. You place your dumplings on top of the liner, making sure they're at least two centimeters apart.


Steam them for 10-12 minutes. Let them rest for one minute before you enjoy.


5. Enjoy Them Anywhere

best dumplings in seattle


We are able to ship our dumplings nationwide, so you can enjoy them no matter where you live. The orders are packed with dry ice, ensuring they stay frozen during the shipment process under our “Melt-Free Guarantee”. If your order arrives thawed out, we'll resend your order and do everything we can to make things right. 


If you live in the Seattle area, you can stop by our store and pick up your order instead. We also offer local delivery within 20 miles of our store. No matter where you live, you're able to enjoy our delicious dumplings. 


If you're in the neighborhood and craving some authentic Chinese soup dumplings, stop in for some fresh food made to order. We offer all our famous dumplings along with traditional Chinese sides, refreshing drinks, and XCJ crafted sauces. 


Best Dumplings in Seattle

We have some stiff competition for the best dumplings in Seattle, but we hope we've convinced you that we are the best in the area. Our diligence in recreating authentic Chinese street food helps us create an amazing experience that anyone can enjoy. 


If you'd like to order some of our dumplings for delivery, check out our online menu. We can't wait for you to receive your dumplings and experience their magic.


best dumplings in seattle


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