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10 Reasons Why You Should Try XCJ's Frozen Soup Dumplings

frozen soup dumplings


When you have a family gathering, Chinese food is one of the best choices you can make. The food stands out as being special for the occasion. The only problem is whether you can trust the caterer or an off-the-shelf product.


Wouldn't it be great to serve only the best chef-produced Chinese recipes?


Now you can. All it takes is for you to try XCJ's frozen soup dumplings. After a few bites, you'll be convinced that it is the perfect choice for all family events.


Keep reading to learn how the chefs at XCJ focus on quality, details, and your family's happiness.


1. High-Quality Food and Skills

Do you know what pops into a person's head when they think about frozen foods? Most people think about frozen peas, corn, and chicken nuggets. Or, the types of frozen dinners kids are in front of the TV.


XCJ's frozen soup dumplings are not just for kids' meals. They are a flavorful food that all ages embrace and enjoy.


In the same manner, when people think about Chinese food, they might imagine the culture behind it. Seldom do they think about the skilled chefs that make the great-tasting food. The good news is that any stereotypes formed around Chinese foods no longer hold up.


Why? Because the chefs at XCJ live by their motto “quality over quantity.” This has driven a new breed of Asian American chefs who understand the modern-day palette.


These chefs focus on quality ingredients. They also hone their skills to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. That means they pay attention to every step from the concept to the delivery process.


The Best Ingredients


The chefs at XCJ use the finest ingredients. They do this to create the best flavors possible. They also do it to prove that Chinese food doesn't have to be cheap or poorly made.


The dough used in frozen soup dumplings is the most critical ingredient. The dough must pass the chefs' taste, texture, and mouthfeel tests. They have learned to focus on the dough's elasticity, tenderness, and consistency.


The elasticity is important for when the soup turns to steam. The dough wrapper must be able to expand to keep the dumplings from tearing or leaking. They should also be delicate enough to compliment the tender meat and broth.


The consistency must stay workable to make the visually appealing pleats.


The jelly or the soup is also tested for the best results. This overarching attention to food quality demands the chefs consider other factors. For instance, when it comes to shopping for pork, the chefs find the best locally farmed animals.


The entire team at XCJ continues evaluating every step in their process. They consider sourcing raw production materials for the environmental storage of the ingredients. Every step moves the team closer to their goal of creating enjoyment for you and your dinner guests.


2. Quality Delivery Process

The frozen soup dumplings delivery process starts with your online order. From there, a team member drafts an email to verify your frozen food items are accounted for. Your food is safely frozen and packed in one box before shipping.


Two days later, UPS or FedEx delivers a chilled package right to your doorstep.


Shipping Hubs Added


Every dumpling is made fresh from our Seattle location. To save our customers money, we have set up shipment hubs in California and Ohio. Our hubs receive frozen soup dumplings twice a week.


This solution means that most of our customers only have to pay for a less expensive ground shipment. But, our costs don't change. We still pay a flat $35 fee for ground shipments.


That's right, we are subsidizing your shipment cost. In return, we ask that you spread the word about our high-quality food. This way we can use our ad dollars to continue subsidizing these shipping costs.


Free Shipping on Large Orders


In fact, we are expanding how we subsidize our larger orders. Right now you can get free shipping for orders over $99. Since this offer is only good in states served by our hub locations, check to see if your area qualifies.


When the number of our distant customers increases, our shipping costs will drop. We'll be ready to advertise when that day comes. In the meantime, thanks to you getting the word out, your shipping costs stay reasonable.


3. High-Values

Our values are more than a guiding compass. We use it to ensure a great customer experience for you. We even listen to our customers to make sure that we continue to raise our benchmarks.


We will always do what's best for you. We promise to provide first-class customer experiences. We want you to feel good about ordering from us every time.


If something out of the ordinary happens with your order, please contact us so that we can make it right for you!


Our overarching goal is to create great food that brings happiness to you and your family.


To that end, we promise to provide you with a first-class experience. We will also be transparent with everything we do so you always know what to expect.


Our Promise to Provide First-Class Experiences


The first step in providing you a first-class experience is the taste of our food. The filling of the soup dumplings consists of mince. This is a ground meat mixture that is like savory jelly.


The jelly melts during the cooking process to become the soup, while the meat stays solid.


We prepare the meat mixture with specific seasonings, spices, and aromatics. The filling is flavorful and not greasy due to our meat selection process. Our chefs select meats that have less than 10-15% fat content.


To make sure the meat isn't chewy, our chefs find the right ground meat density and fineness. This allows the meat to be loose and crumbly.


We can use a lighter seasoning since we steam our dumplings. The approach brings a certain clarity of flavor that accentuates the meat. Then the food is taste-tested with friends and family.


We take our taste-testing seriously, using several rounds to improve upon our standards. And of course, you are the beneficiary.


Our Transparency


We have nothing to hide from you. In fact, we have posted a home version of our very best-filling recipe.


Since publishing the recipe, we have continued with our research and development process. The result is that we are now using a new and improved version of the recipe in our kitchen.


MSG Facts


When talking about transparency, we must also address the issue of MSG. Monosodium glutamate is referred to as MSG. It's a naturally occurring compound found in foods rich with umami.


Popular foods that are rich in umami include tomatoes, cheese, and seaweed. It is also found in processed foods including potato chips and instant ramen.


There are also several types of manufactured MSG made through a fermentation process. Some people have labeled MSG as being inappropriate.


While hundreds of reports show most MSG has no side effects.


We do use certain MSG to enhance our filling flavors. But we are very careful about our selection and use. In fact, you only need a touch to bring out the rich flavors.


4. Healthy Choices

Chinese food is a healthy choice because it's based on great principles. The food makes you feel your best and never weighs you down. You can learn more about the health benefits below.


Nutritional Value


The most popular American dishes lack the same nutritional value as Chinese food. These lower nutritional meals include hamburgers and fries. They are less than desirable in both protein content and dietary fiber.


Chinese food is high in proteins for a vegetarian diet. It also contains the eight essential amino acids our body needs to maintain muscle mass. Chinese is also full of vegetables that make you feel full and satisfied.


When eating at a Chinese restaurant, choose steamed meats and veggie-heavy dishes. Be cautious about the amounts of oils used. It is best to eat meals that have low amounts of oils.


It pays to eat meals high in nutritional value. In fact, it is the best thing you can do for well-being and health that you can enjoy for a lifetime.


Good Fats, Not Bad


It's important to eat the fats that are good for your body. Animal fats are high in cholesterol compared to plant-based fats. While your body can process both, the healthy choice is to use fats that are grown.


Maintaining a healthy heart is the goal in many people's lives. Learning the differences between fats will help you meet that goal. Plant-based polyunsaturated fat is far better than saturated fats from animals.


It's common to find our chefs using polyunsaturated fats. They use the right amount of healthy fats to enhance the food's flavor and not a touch more.




Fiber-rich foods are an essential part of a healthy diet. Without it, you will not be able to feel full and satisfied. The lack of fiber makes us feel like we don't have enough fuel for the day.


Eating fiber-rich foods gives you that extra push in energy so that you can get through the day with ease.


To feel healthy, it's important to take in the proper amount of fiber. The right amount can reduce your cholesterol levels by reducing the buildup in your body. With the right amount of fiber, you won't have to worry about constipation on a regular basis.


A balance of fiber in your life will empower you for the physical activities you have planned.


Good Carbs


We've all heard the phrase good carbs and bad carbs. It has become a catchphrase in the diet world. But what exactly does that mean?


There are some pretty big differences between good and bad carbohydrates.


Good carbs have a lower glycemic index. This means they don't spike your blood sugar like white bread or other processed foods.


Bad carbs or carbohydrates are those foods that are processed or refined. This includes things made with white flour and/or white sugar. They have a higher glycemic index, and can actually cause the body to store fat.


The frozen soup dumplings from XCJ are one of those good carbs with a low glycemic index. These frozen soups are made without any preservatives, artificial flavors, or colorings. The food only contains high-quality ingredients.


Chinese foods help sustain your energy while helping you reach your caloric goals. Many of our rice and noodles are made with your nutrition in mind.


5. Obsession to Details

There are many occasions in our lives that bring the family together. Food seems to be at the core of most of those events. In these types of gatherings, food is at the core of shared love.


We are 2nd generation Asian Americans. We grew up with food being our family's greatest love language. It became the key element that connected our family both domestically and abroad.


Serving food as a demonstration of love drives our efforts on behalf of our customers. We and our extended family have put in thousands of hours perfecting our recipes. We have researched and tested great flavor combinations using the highest quality food.


Our Passion


It's our passion to turn good meals into great ones.


We want our customers to feel the same love of family that we share. This happens when sharing the best of meals and great conversation. It's our hope that our frozen soup dumplings will draw you and your family one step closer together.


We will never launch a product without our full conviction and passion for the food. We must have a wholehearted belief in the dish that distinguishes it as the best of its kind.


6. Dedicated to Innovation

But it doesn't stop there. We want our customer experience to go well beyond the food. This includes our obsession with optimizing our ordering process.


We even engineered our dry-ice pack-outs to reach your door in two days. And should the shipping company hit a delay, we'll reach out to our customers so they know how to plan.


Innovation and seeking constant improvements never end with us. We even learn from the feedback we receive. As we continue on this journey designed to serve you and your family, we want to exceed your expectations.


To do so, we want to hear from you. Drop us a note and let us know what works well and what improvements are possible. Also, tell us of new dishes that are of interest to you.


Our Results


Our fans and foodies have made thousands of positive comments. Our frozen dumpling soup has received great praise many times.


We attribute these great comments to two things. The great flavor that many have mentioned. Also, the wonderful customer experience to the personal details our chefs provide.


The details are important. The frozen soup dumplings are handmade in small batches with loving care. This is unlike those large frozen food providers that use shovels to load large vats for cooking.


We are firm believers in showing personal care to each customer.


To maintain our great recipes, everything must be made by hand. We learned this from our training, developed from our Shanghai roots.


7. Better Than Store-Bought

Frozen soup dumplings are a great choice for several reasons. The most important reason is due to our chefs selecting only high-quality ingredients.


Also, the chefs have ensured the delivery process with strict standards.


For your convenience, you are able to place your orders online. This makes sure the order is exactly what you want it to be. There is no room for error with online placed orders.


Always Fresh


To maintain high standards, our chefs cook your soup dumplings fresh every morning. It is then packed for delivery with a melt-free guarantee. If your order doesn't arrive frozen, we'll make it right and reship your order.


There is no store that will provide such a heartfelt guarantee. Nor are most frozen store goods handmade with love.


We respect the role food plays in your family. We are also adamant about honoring your relationships and meals.


8. Great Customer Experiences

Placing your order of frozen soup dumplings starts your relationship with our family. After tasting the food, you'll appreciate the quality we place in every bite. You'll also learn how easy it is to steam when your family is on a tight schedule.


Cooking time is minimal and makes for a great addition to every party you hold. Keeping a supply in your freezer for last-second occasions is a wise choice. Your friends will always admire the great food you can prepare at a moment's notice.


They will appreciate your quick turnaround and love the flavorful soup dumplings.


You'll Be Adored


We have no doubt that your friends will ask for the recipe. You'll share how premium and sustainable ingredients went into the soup dumplings. You can even point out there were no additives or preservatives used.


Your dinner guests will adore your healthy choices made on their behalf. But most of all, they'll praise you for the great taste.


These are some of the types of customer experiences you'll have with XCJ. We are happy to be a small part of your success. We are also thrilled when you pass on information about our foods.


After all, we've drawn from our marketing budget to offset your shipping costs. In return, we hope you'll share all about our foods with your guests. We'll be thankful to you for introducing your friends and family to us.


9. Enjoyment at Home

The most rewarding part of our job is creating a great experience for you and your family. Knowing that you are eating great-tasting healthy food is a blessing to us. We'll feel even more blessed when you pass on the word about our foods.


The press is also passing on the word about how tasty our frozen soup dumplings are.


There have been almost two dozen articles written about XCJ in the mainline media this year. We were even featured in The Seattle Times as the top takeout pick among the top 12 foods to eat during a pandemic.


Other media have also covered our foods. The end result is always amazing.


10. Your Favorite Add-Ons

To simplify your experience we offer our bamboo steamer. The two trays allow you to heat the frozen soup dumplings the traditional way. Using our trays, cooking takes about ten minutes.


This gentle steaming process preserves the nutrients and bright colors. It also maintains more of the subtle flavors, making your experience enjoyable.


There are other available ways of cooking the soup dumplings. But we wanted you to have the opportunity of cooking the food in the way it was first conceived.


We have also found a way to preserve the flavors of our sauces. For your convenience, we have bottled our sauce trio. This includes ginger and scallion umami, classic vinegar, and chili crisp.


The 9oz. sauces last through about two bags of frozen soup dumplings.


Try Our Chinese Frozen Soup Dumplings Today

When you think of XCJ, you think about high-quality food and cooking skills. Our high values and obsession for details should also come to mind. Even the efforts we put into our order and delivery process.


Check out our menu today. After you've tried our frozen soup dumplings, you'll feel the urge to host a dinner party at your home. When the compliments come in, you'll become a regular customer as many have before you.


All because we put you first by making great-tasting handmade food for you and your family. 


We are ready to take your to-go order. You can pick it up directly at 278 106th Ave NE #102, Bellevue, WA 98004, or we can deliver fresh to you, anywhere in the US!


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