chinese near me that delivers

How Western Tastes Changed Chinese Food

February 26 2021
Looking for a Chinese near me that delivers? Have you ever thought about how Chinese food has changed to suit western tastes?
dumplings near me

Dumplings Near Me: Xiao Long Bao and Sheng Jian Bao

February 17 2021
Are you looking for dumplings near me? Looking to try something new? You may want to try out Xiao Long Bao and Sheng Jian Bao.
best dumplings in seattle

5 Reasons Why The XCJ Serves the Best Dumplings in Seattle

February 8 2021
Dumplings can be found almost anywhere, so what makes Xiao Chi Jie have the best dumplings in Seattle? For one, we moved to China to train with the masters. Find out more here!
chinese street food

10 Iconic Chinese Street Food Dishes You Can Experience in Your Home

January 4 2021
Craving an authentic taste of Shanghai? With these recipes and our direct-to-customer deliveries, you can recreate the Chinese Street Food dishes you love at home!
dumplings seattle

Why The XCJ is a Seattle Favorite for Dumplings

December 21 2020
The verdict is in: If you want some of the best-tasting dumplings in Seattle, you need to try Xiao Chi Jie. The XCJ also offers frozen soup dumplings to make at home.
best dumplings near me

Finding the Best Dumplings Near Me

December 16 2020
Looking for the best dumplings near me? Not just another Asian restaurant, the creators of XCJ noticed that Chinese cuisine is woefully underrepresented and fixed it.
frozen soup dumplings

Buy Frozen Soup Dumplings, Recreate Your Favorite Dish at Home

December 4 2020
Can you create our restaurant-quality dish from frozen soup dumplings? You certainly can, and we make it easy for you to bring your favorite meal to your family.
How to Cook Steamed Xiao Long Bao

How to Cook Steamed Xiao Long Bao

October 14 2020
Perfect, repeatable results for steamed soup dumplings

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